• Kersey Bottom/Case Knife Rd Neighborhood Revitilization plan that was completed by our Planning department in Richmond, Virginia.
  • The City of Petersburg where our Planning department completed a comprehensive plan to show the potential for future development in the city.
  • Town of Kilmarnock Proposed Improvement Map that was completed by our Planning department in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Map of a needs assessment for the Town of Pulaski for which our Planning department conducted both a downtown revitalization and conservation plan.
  • One of the updated buildings in Downtown Strasburg, Virginia where our Planning department completed a plan for downtown revitalization.


We embrace the belief that planning is a necessary prelude to informed decision making and the successful completion of a project and implementation of a project.

Purposefully planning to address rapidly evolving priorities means our communities must anticipate, listen and position themselves. Ranging from robust community visioning processes, critical examination of current conditions, and clear pathways to reach an ideal and progressive future – adopting plans allow localities to prioritize limited resources, be eligible for grants and other funding sources, and communicate future goals.

We call our approach “practical planning,” and it helps to get plans implemented rather than sitting on a shelf gathering dust. This principle has fueled our involvement in helping localities develop, apply for, and manage grant-funded projects with specializations in economic development and hazard mitigation funding mechanisms.

Individualized, professional services to every client is our central philosophy.

Our staff is directly involved and responsible for each client. Our team of talented employees are educated and experienced in strategic and comprehensive planning, demographic and market research, financial analysis and modeling, redevelopment planning, government-funded acquisition and relocation, and project development and management.

Core Markets


Grant Preparation and Management

Downtown Revitalization

Municipal Comprehensive/Conservation Planning


The City of Danville was working hard to develop economically and needed to update its Comprehensive Plan in order to bring aggressive economic development and sound land use development practices together into a cohesive document. The plan places an emphasis on strong visual presentation that is accessible to the public.

Summit was able to improve on the most recent Comprehensive Plan by including a stronger emphasis on visual communication through mapping and graphics and clearly outlined objectives, strategies, and actions for economic growth and land use. Throughout the planning process Summit engaged with the public utilizing a series of informative and engaging public meetings. Through seeking stakeholder input from elected officials, public and private economic interests, and the general public, the plan sought to bring in a wide range of stakeholders. The resulting plan will enable the City to develop outlying parcels of land and redevelop existing properties in a manner that is cohesive with a citywide vision.

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The Town of Richlands was at a cross-roads in its history. On the edge of Virginia’s coal region, the Town has benefited from the natural gas exploration and drilling in the area and had a chance to benefit from the relocation of businesses from deeper in coal country to its major cross-roads location. However, developable land not constrained by steep slopes and the floodplain of the Clinch River was at a premium.

Summit conducted extensive community engagement through an online survey and a public input meeting with various issue stations that generated a very lively discussion. The firm also did an extensive analysis of current land use, zoning, and slopes/floodplains utilizing a technique created by the firm for more accurately pinpointing the constrained land. These analyses were followed up by the development of goals, objectives, and strategies aimed at kick-starting the Town’s economic development efforts through better land use policies and zoning, more robust capital improvement planning, and the implementation of a series of key grant-fundable projects.

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Irvington, Virginia, a Town of approximately 650 residents, is located in Lancaster County on Virginia’s “Northern Neck.” Identified by its waterways and related functions, Irvington is viewed as a small village community that serves a majority retired and seasonal population. Unique among other towns in Lancaster County, Irvington has remained a historic small town village community. The Town has also retained a flavor of its earlier water-related history both in the structures and the uses that continue into the present. Because of its presence on the water and small town ambiance, the Town has found itself encountering rapid growth advancing from the north and east.

Summit prepared the Comprehensive Plan in cooperation with community leaders. Throughout the course of the planning process Summit engaged with the public using a series of informative and engaging public meetings. Working closely with members of the Planning Commission, Town Council, and Town staff, existing conditions were analyzed, goals and objectives identified, and recommendations developed for the future. The plan focused on intelligent utilization of the land in a manner that meets the needs of the population while at the same time protecting and preserving Irvington’s historic quality and character. It also served to maintain the area’s high quality of life through a series of goals and objectives along with implementation strategies. The firm subsequently developed a Planned Unit Development (PUD) ordinance to potentially utilize in developing several large vacant parcels.

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Note: Printed books are now completely out of print and Summit will not be reprinting them in the future. See below for information on obtaining digital versions.

After much consideration and studying the logistics and ramifications of allowing duplication of the manuals, we have determined that permission can be granted for duplication to organizations that will utilize them for non-commercial purposes in support of their housing assistance programs to the benefit of low- to moderate-income individuals and households. In order to cover our time and costs and encourage judicious use of this right of duplication, we have determined that permission can be granted at a cost of $50 per manual [Home Maintenance (English & Spanish) and Housekeeping (English & Spanish)].


Summit Design and Engineering Services in collaboration with the nationally-syndicated cartoonist Gary Brookins, “Pluggers,” created the “Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Manuals”. The manuals combine clever illustrations and concise text for use as a guide in caring for your home or apartment and in home management. The manuals contain more than 75 illustrations to help explain routine maintenance, troubleshooting, minor repairs for inside and outside the home, general housekeeping and finance. They can serve as instructional handbooks for first time homeowners and participants in various housing programs.

Checklists are included to develop weekly, seasonal, and yearly routines. There is also a household finances section which includes tips on budgeting, bank accounts, credit reports, insurance and what to do if financial help is needed. If your organization provides housing assistance or deals in private or public housing development, rehabilitation or home ownership programs, these booklets can provide an informative tool for use by your clients.

We have also produced our manuals in SPANISH in order to serve the community better. If you would like to order either or both of the manuals in Spanish, you may send us a Purchase order by mail or fax and as fill your order.


This manual focuses on Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation Systems with a section on Energy Conservation that provides tips to help lower utility bills. Information is provided about common indoor repairs like painting and the hazards of lead-based paint. The final sections describe general outdoor repairs and suggested home safety measures. Checklists are included.


This manual provides basic guidelines and helpful hints for routine housekeeping. Checklists are included for weekly, seasonal and yearly routines. There is also a section on hiring repair persons and a finance section that includes tips on budgeting, bank accounts, credit reports, insurance and what to do if financial help is needed.



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