As a firm experienced in delivering solutions to private and public-sector infrastructure needs, our professionals recognize the unique stakeholder environments our clients must traverse beyond the engineering to ensure a successful project. We assist our clients, both public and private, navigate through the design and construction decision-making process to bring a plan to implementation by understanding the nuances of each client’s path to success, while working from a universal set of core values. Our company is built on the philosophy that people come first, and our success comes from continuous delivery of the highest quality work to our clients.



We provide our full range of consulting services to the public sector, leading all project phases from planning, through construction, to operation and maintenance. We understand that when the government buys, it buys differently than the commercial sector. Your considerations for state-wide impact demand we understand your agency’s mandates, stakeholders, and challenges to achieve your goals. Through our diversity of services, we have direct experience with many state agency’s internal and external requirements and—more importantly—how they differ. Our goal is to become an extension of your public mission, resulting in consistent program implementation across the state that addresses constituent needs more efficiently.


Municipal leaders and staff are held to uniquely high standards since they live and work amongst their project stakeholder group. Our full range of consulting services provides you the toolbox to overcome obstacles and deliver results to your diverse project stakeholder group. We have experience from working with municipalities throughout North Carolina and Virginia, and we know from our personal experience the importance of constructability in every plan we deliver. We seek to improve the communities and lives of your citizens, strengthen the function of your local government and lay the foundation for a better tomorrow through practical planning, constructible designs and top project quality.


We recognize that the transportation sector fuels our communities’ strongest social and economic network. Your projects connect people to opportunity, citizens to resources, businesses to consumers, and one community to the next. That is why we have structured and developed ourselves specifically for public sector transportation projects. We have former NCDOT designers leading our teams, so we know what it takes to get roadways, sidewalks, streetscapes and greenways designed and built.

Past design and construction, we are also capable of providing maintenance services to keep your transportation structures safe and usable for the public. We will use your vision of a completed project to design for constructability, effectiveness and efficiency.


Our education sector faces a great challenge: balancing the increased demand for superior learning environments with strict budgeting. Students’ needs and available school choices constantly evolve, creating a complex and competitive recruiting environment. We use our comprehensive skill set to design, improve or enhance learning environments for our clients.

We understand how to use the location, design and quality of educational facilities work to improve the experience of students and educators alike. Our history of implementing solutions for academic facilities spans from private schools, to secondary public schools, to colleges and universities. Our unifying principle for any education project is designing lasting and inspiring educational spaces that also maintain student safety, building security and environmental stewardship goals.


Nowhere is the importance of getting it right the first time as critical as it is in the healthcare industry. These facilities must address the continual advances of medical technology within the myriad of regulations governing the healthcare market. These projects have high stakes, needing to incorporate the unique intricacies and requirements that guarantee safe, sustainable, high-quality patient care. We get it, and we want to work with you to create spaces vital not only for the patients, families, and staff that use it, but for the surrounding community as well.


We realize that for our industrial clients, the true value often lies inside the building, rather than being the building itself. You need a building that is sturdy and cost-effective. We have the expertise to provide that protection for you. We understand that even the smallest problem—a leak in the roof or an uneven floor—could potentially cost you millions in lost production time. Therefore, we design to the highest standards to protect you and your core assets, as well as balance your facility’s infrastructure. We provide the experience to make your building work from the ground to the ceiling, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you.


We understand the challenges facing owners of office or retail space. Your space must attract today’s workers and shoppers, while being quickly adaptable to future trends in the market. To reach your goals, we design your space in consideration of your modern user, while also anticipating the potential prospects in your future. We work with owners and developers in the conceptualization, design and construction stages of your project. Our work provides environments that foster employee interaction and enhance your shopper’s experience. Our experts will work collaboratively with you to seek the innovations that will turn your space into a true destination.

Interior image of the main conference room for the Mid-Town Hobbs Properties Up-Fit project in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Hobb's Properties Mid-Town Office Up-Fit


Creating a community is no easy task. Developers must assemble land, perform due diligence and gain approvals to obtain financing, before finally completing their project on time. With today’s competitive market space you want experts with a wide range of knowledge to get you over all these hurdles. We can help you there. From siting, through design of roadways and site-wide utility infrastructure, then to building architecture, landscaping, and construction management, we will combine our skills to create premier experiences for homeowners. We want to create the places where people enjoy their free time, take the time to talk to neighbors, and feel part of a community.