• Our Maintenance Management department assisting NCDOT with snow removal throughout North Carolina.
  • Fiber Mat Operations.
  • Our Maintenance Management team helping NCDOT with storm drain repair in North Carolina.
  • Our Maintenance Management team assisting with monitoring tree trimming.
  • Patching Operations
  • Patching Operations
  • Asphalt Paving Operations
  • Disaster Recovery


Whether it was finished ten years ago or ten days ago, our maintenance management team will keep your transportation infrastructure functional and safe.

Our Maintenance Management department works to ensure that is the reality by offering all-encompassing maintenance, inspection, monitoring and reporting services. For more general upkeep, we can conduct work needs assessments, develop repair programs and help with activities like pavement repair and marking, tree trimming, mowing and litter removal. We are not limited to road maintenance either; we currently inspect, analyze and make design recommendations for all kinds of transportation structures and systems for DOTs and municipalities in the Southeast.

Need other repairs? We also help with pavement, pipe, guardrail, lighting, sign, signal and bridge repairs. We also have the expertise to not only inspect existing repair operations, but to also identify work needs, create a proposed work plan, estimate the costs and develop contracts to complete the work. These are just a few of the ways we can work with you and address all of your transportation maintenance needs.

Many of our team members are not only well-versed in proper protocols but are currently part of the teams that enforce protocol on projects throughout the southeast.

Our maintenance engineers and staff members have worked for and with DOTs across the country. Before joining Summit, our maintenance staff were County Maintenance Supervisors, County Maintenance Engineers, District Engineers, Division Maintenance Engineers, and State Maintenance Engineers. This experience helps them quickly embed into your operations since they already understand protocols. Team members have also served on NCDOT, AASHTO, and FHWA committees which provided valuable experience through research review, project review, and peer exchanges into maintenance best management practices.

Even in the event of an emergency, our roads need to be safe and open to the public.

We will put in the time and effort to reach that goal. Our emergency response services are all-encompassing, and we take pride in our ability to quickly integrate into your team. We can do emergency repairs such as snow and storm debris removal, and with personnel throughout the southeast we work to supply technicians with local knowledge that help operations run smoothly.

Core Markets

State Roadways

Municipal Roadways




  •   Roadside Systems
    • Landscape Design/Maintenance
    • Mowing/Inspection
    • Selective Vegetation Removal
    • Plant Bed Design/Maintenance
    • Guardrail Assessments
  •   Drainage Systems
    • Ditches
    • Pipes
    • Curb and Gutter
    • Catch Basins
    • Drop Inlets
  •   GIS Services
    • Data Collection
    • Integration
    • Assessment & Mapping Support Services
  •   Traffic Systems
    • Signals
    • Signs
    • Stripling
    • Lighting/Traffic Control
  •   Asset Inventory & Assessment
  •   AgileAssets Enterprise Solutions
  •   Emergency Services
    • Disaster Recovery Response
    • Debris Monitoring
    • Snow/Ice Operations Assistance
  •   Pavement Condition Assessmments

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Agile Assets Project Example

Asset Inventory and Damage Assessment


As a recognized partner with AgileAssets, Summit engineers and consultants are able to use AgileAssets software solutions and offer our professional services to help our current and future customers maximize the return on their infrastructure investments.

AgileAssets integrated asset lifecycle management solutions include advanced analytics for pavement, structures, road maintenance and safety and can be incorporated into our existing service offering. In fact, these services can be included as part of existing contracts with our client base.

These are some of the benefits that our AgileAssets solutions bring to clients:

  •  Complete infrastructure asset lifecycle management
  •  Informed, data-driven decisions
  •  Optimized funding allocations across programs and asset types
  •  Optimal short-term & long-term strategies for maintenance, preservation, rehab. & replacement
  •  Maximized asset performance and return on investment
  •  Level-of-service and performance goals reached
  •  Improved and enhanced safety programs
  •  Regulatory standards and reporting requirements met
  •  Integration with legacy and third-party systems
  •  Improving service, value, and benefits to taxpayers

For more information on how you can introduce and offer these new service capabilities to your customer contacts, please contact Britt McCurry, PE at You can also learn more about AgileAssets on their website Follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube to keep current with new information.