• Exterior view of the State Employees' Credit Union in Hillsborough, NC, which is one of over 40 sites throughout North Carolina that is being constructed or renovated. Departments that provided services for this project include Architecture, Land Development, Construction Materials Testing anf Special Inspections, Surveying and Geomatics, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Construction Management.
  • Aerial view of the Town of Hillsborough Riverwalk located in Downtown Hillsborough, NC. Departments that provided services for this project include Construction Engineering and Inspection, Transportation Design, Construction Management, Land Development, Architecture, Construction Engineering and Inspection and Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Waterstone Restroom Facility located within the Waterstone Residential Community in Hillsborough, NC. Departments that provided services for this project include Construction Management and Architecture.
  • Construction view of the Freedom Parkway Extension in Chatham County, North Carolina. Our Construction Management department provided services for this project.


Our construction management team knows that a successful project hinges on strong communication and leadership.

We manage each individual component of your project while simultaneously tracking how all the parts synchronize together as a whole. Our construction management team has over 20 years of experience providing representation and leadership for all types of projects: vertical, horizontal, residential and commercial. We have the hard skills to manage multi-disciplinary projects and the soft skills necessary to mediate challenges between representatives.

We keep the mechanisms of your project running by relaying your needs to the team of architects, engineers and contractors involved.

Our priority for construction management is working closely with your project members to ensure that project work meets your timelines, budget, and satisfaction. For that to happen, we learn the dynamics of your stakeholder group as well as the design group to ensure contractor work delivers on your expectations. We have worked with a wide variety of clients including counties, municipalities, schools, developers, non-profit organizations and individual owners, so we can easily understand the different priorities inherent to each kind of client.

With our southeastern clients, our construction management team has performed plan development reviews, created contract documents and technical specifications, performed bid administration, provided contractor recommendations, facilitated pre-construction activities, monitored onsite activities for conformity to plans and specifications, and performed construction administration duties on various types of projects.

Core Markets

Pre K-12 Education


Medical Office Buildings