• Final deck pour for the NCDOT Monroe Expressway in Mecklenburg and Union Counties, where our team performed Construction Engineering and Inspection services and Survey Verification services.
  • Aerial Photo of the NCDOT I-73 Greensboro Outer Loop in Greensboro, NC, where Construction Engineering and Inspection and Survey Verification services were performed.
  • Aerial Photo of the NCDOT Maysville Bypass where our team is currently performing Construction Engineering and Inspection services from Belgrade to New Bern, NC.
  • A collection of greenways for the Town of Hillsborough Riverwalk in Downtown Hillsborough, NC. Departments that performed services on this project include Transportation Design, Architecture, Land Development, Construction Engineering and Inspection, Surveying and Geomatics, Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing.
  • Photo of the completed NCDOT Monroe Expressway project in the counties of Mecklenburg and Union in North Carolina. Departments that performed services include Construction Engineering and Inspection and Survey Verification.


Summit is one of the leading Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) firms in the southeast because we provide attentive and comprehensive services for transportation projects – along with industry-leading physical resources.

Our qualified staff of over 200 CEI technicians provides inspection services for ITS and traffic signal systems, grading, erosion control, drainage, paving and structures. When it comes to CEI, we don’t just have teams working on your projects; we have teams dedicated to your projects.

Designing for Constructibility and Serviceability

Many of our CEI managers, engineers and technicians served with their respective Departments of Transportation prior to coming to Summit, and they bring their engrained expertise of state-regulated construction standards with them. Our inspection versatility grows from this engrained knowledge, and it allows us to adapt quickly both in the field and in the lab. This collective and comprehensive experience in project delivery bolsters our project philosophy—“Designing for Constructability and Serviceability”.

Industry Leading CEI Services

Since we have so many people working, our CEI department often can deploy technicians with local knowledge of your specific project location. Between that local experience, and our strong communication infrastructure, our team can quickly address potential challenges and keep you in the know about your project.

While we have vast resources deployed across the geography we serve, we make it a priority to be as flexible and responsive as we were in our days as a smaller firm. Our managers make a point of being accessible to you and serving as a conduit from their team. With our industry-leading physical resources, we can go above and beyond for you.

Our Construction Engineering and Inspection department works with our Surveying and Geomatics department to provide survey verification services. Our team utilizes the latest technology to verify all contractor-performed construction staking. Our team can verify all contractor staking including, but not limited to, wet utilities, drainage structures, pipe culverts, culvert and wall structures, bridges, sign S-dimensions and roadway staking. For roadway staking in particular, we can verify all slope stakes, fine grades, blue tops, and curb and gutter. Any models provided by the contractor will be checked, verified or used for cross-checks. We take pride in validating information that becomes the foundation for the projects that improve our communities.

Core Markets

State Roadways and Structures

Municipal Roadways and Structures

State and Municipal Signals

State Highway Intelligent Transportation Systems



  •   Pre-Construction Services
    • Bid Item Establishment & Verification
    • Engineer’s Estimate & Bid Documents Preparation
    • General Contractors Pre-Qualifications
    • Bid Advertisement & Acceptance
    • Requests for Information (RFIs) Processing
    • Pre-Bid Meeting Facilitation
    • Bid Collection & Review
    • Bid Tabulations & Award of Contract Recommendations
    • Notice of Award Issuance
    • Pre-Construction Meeting Facilitation
  •   Construction Administration
    • Plan & Specification Interpretation Assistance
    • Construction Requests for Information Processing
    • Monthly Progress Meetings Facilitation
    • Construction Material Testing Reports Review
    • Partial Pay Applications Verification
    • Change Orders Review & Processing
    • Final Inspections/Punch Lists
    • Project Close-Out Services
  •   Construction Engineering & Inspection
    • Project Safety Participation
    • Erosion Control Measures Monitoring
    • Plan & Specification Interpretation Assistance
    • Conformity of Construction Work to Plan & Specifications Assurance
    • Quality Assurance
    • Construction Material Verification & Documentation
    • Specified Field Testing Performance & Documentation
    • Daily Construction Operations Documentation
    • Pay Quantities Recordation & Reconciliation/li>
    • Payment Applications Review
    • Final Punch List Creation