Summit projects nationally recognized for aiding in Hillsborough's promising future

June 13, 2013 at 8:53 PM

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. – The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a press release on Monday, June 10, which applauded Hillsborough for treasuring its past yet safeguarding its future. Summit Design and Engineering Services is proud to call this historic North Carolinian town “home.”

“Historic Hillsborough, NC: Promoting Sustainable Prosperity While Holding On To Its Past” may be found in its entirety on the WSJ’s website.

Over 250 years since its foundation, Hillsborough has maintained a historic feel as it continues to grow, according to the WSJ release. The small town offers a plethora of local businesses and goods, including barbecue restaurants, roasted coffee, a brewery and chocolate. From a festival honoring a hometown celebrity to nightly live music, Hillsborough is an energetic, welcoming place.

One of Salt Bodyne’s, Summit’s company band, most frequented stages, The Depot at Hillsborough Station, was even mentioned in the national news outlet’s release!

“Hillsborough remains a small but sustaining light that will never go out, not as long as it continues to nurture the past, present and future in equal measure,” quoted from WSJ’s release.

“Tomorrow’s Hillsborough,” the section in the release where Summit really comes into play, touches on a handful of projects which will continue to improve the town. Named one of Hillsborough’s most significant projects, the Riverwalk will surely add to Hillsborough’s allurement. Summit has provided Infrastructure – Construction Engineering and Inspection, Land Development, Construction Materials Testing and Landscape Architecture services for this initiative.


Summit has provided Land Development, Infrastructure, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying and Construction Materials Testing services on another project mentioned in the release, University of North Carolina Hospitals, a potential 330-acre development in Hillsborough.


For more information on Summit’s work on these two projects, visit the Landscape Architecture (Riverwalk) and Land Development (UNC Hospitals) pages on our website. For full project profiles, feel free to email our media contact.

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