• Jim Parker, Jr., PE, PLS

    Jim Parker, Jr., PE, PLS


  • Edmund Purcell, PLS

    Edmund Purcell, PLS

    Senior Vice President; Project Manager

  • Sherry Jones

    Sherry Jones

    Vice President, Administration

  • Zachary P. Weddle, PE, CCM

    Zachary P. Weddle, PE, CCM

    Engineering Branch Manager - Virginia

  • Brian Shepard, AIA, NCARB, LEED GA

    Brian Shepard, AIA, NCARB, LEED GA

    Architecture Manager

  • Ariel Gamboa, PE

    Ariel Gamboa, PE

    Land Development Manager

  • Don Dewey, PE

    Don Dewey, PE

    Vice President; Geotechnical Engineering Manager

  • Tracy Parrott, PE

    Tracy Parrott, PE

    Infrastructure Manager

  • Bobby Downes

    Bobby Downes

    CEI Manager

  • Kevin O'Dell, PE

    Kevin O'Dell, PE

    Vice President; Project Manager

  • Brantley Wells, PLS

    Brantley Wells, PLS

    Survey Manager

  • Chris Berg, PE

    Chris Berg, PE

    Structural Engineering Manager


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Don Dewey, PE

Vice President
Geotechnical Engineering, CMT
& Special Inspections Manager

Don currently leads our geotechnical engineering (which includes Summit's extensive subsurface drilling operations), construction materials testing and special inspections branches. He practiced geotechnical engineering throughout North Carolina for 15 years before joining Summit in 2005.

Don, the cornerstone of our geotechnical engineering branch, has helped Summit to grow its construction materials testing (CMT) and special inspections (SI) divisions to the high-performing levels they are today. Don also helped implement our materials lab, which maintains Cement and Concrete Reference Lab (CCRL), AASHTO Materials Reference Lab (AMRL) and NCDOT accreditations.

From saltwater fishing to clearing horse riding trails, outside of work you will find Don enjoying the outdoors any way he can. When not working on his land, Don and his wife of over 20 years enjoy ventures to the mountains to go camping, hiking or fishing off Cape Lookout. Although they both enjoy outdoor adventures, Don can’t seem to hook his wife on sharing his enthusiasm for exploring Civil War battlefields.